Now Is Christ Risen from the Dead

 Things to look for throughout the year


This is possibly the biggest event on the calander for our church. We hoild VBS the first full week of June every year. Our program will go from Monday thru Thursday. We have a rally time for all ages to be involved, including teenagers. They break and will rotate between Games/Crafts to Snack Time to Bible Story Time led by Pastor Rigdon. The Teenagers will meet simultaneously on a separate location on the property. There are a host of things to look forward to during our open and closing rallies. We will have songs, memory verses, skits, puppets, and penny drive competitions. There will be a candy toss of a large bucket of candy on the final day, accompanied with hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches. There are children saved every year and for this we are grateful!


Revival Meetings

We will have two revival meetings throughout the year. We have a revival meeting in the Spring usually around the end of March or early April.We will invite evangelists in to help with our meetings that are powerful and helpful in their preaching. We will also have a revival meeting in the Fall, usually around the end of September or early October. We have recently had students from the local Bible College, Indiana Baptist College, come and help with our revival meeting. They provided the special music and provided a Bible college student to preach each night of the meeting. This has been a help to prepare the student preacher for the ministry, and a wonderful help and encouragement for our church. Please plan to attend both meetings if possible.


Good News Ministries

The second Tuesday of every month, we help conduct the evening chapel service at Good News Mission. This is a service that we minister to the needs of our area homeless men. They provide a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with those in need in many ways. Their program is not only to meet the physical needs, but more importantly, meet their spiritual needs. We have seen several come to know Christ as their personal Savior through our assisting in this ministry. We also support their Boy's Home located about an hour west of Indiainapolis, where they bring teenage young men to a place to evangelize and meet their needs spiritually. They provide a facility for long-term educational needs and pprovide opportunities to redirect their paths of life. We count it a privilege to partner with Good News Mission.