Now Is Christ Risen from the Dead

Redeemer Baptist Church is located on west side of Indianapolis near I-465 and West Washington Street. We are just inside I-465 north of Washington Street on Mickley Ave. just north of the Cloverleaf Apartments. 

Redeemper Baptist Church is a merger of two churches. Bible Baptist Church was an independent baptist church and was originally located off of West Washington Street and Lucerne Ave, and dwindled down to just a handful of people. Bob Williams stepped in as pastor to help restart Bible Baptist Church and the Lord blessed, and the church began to slowly grow. Cloverleaf Baptist Church is the other church of the merger and was established as a Southern Baptist Church. Cloverleaf Baptist Church as well began to see their congregation reduce to just a handful, and began to pray for God's intervention. The paths of Bible Baptist Church and Cloverleaf Baptist Church crossed and the opportunity to merge the two congregations was presented, and after sensing the Lord's leading, they merged.


After the merger, the churches decided to rename the united ministries to Redeemer Baptist Church. After Pastor Bob Williams retired, the congregation made a decision before calling their next pastor to move forward as an Indepenedent Baptist Church.


We are a church that seeks to maintain the old paths in our preaching and singing. We hold to a traditional style of worship service. Although we are a small congregation, we do hope and expect that the Lord will grow the ministry to become exactly what He has intended us to become. If you are in our area or passing through, please stop in and let's meet and get acquianted.